Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In Which 17 Miles On A Fine Warm Day Pass Too Quickly

Tulip in my front yard, blooming along with  many daffodils and hyacinth on this warm summer-like day.

The busy weeks are here, and not that I begrudge the world a break, but it’s not terribly convenient to have it so beautiful outside when I have so much to do inside.

Still, I took the longer trail ride home, and before I got there, was waylaid by the siren song of the Lindale and Boyson trails. Near Mendards, a young boy was biking by clutching a bunch of bluebells—for mom or a special girl, I suppose.

Dogs and dog walkers and bikers and joggers were out in force—although I was a bit surprised to see so many more on the Boyson trail than on the Cedar River Trail. Of course, I was there later, and the Boyson Trail is close to lots of residential neighborhoods.

On the Cedar River Trail, I spied a lass who was wearing a Team Joe shirt. It was none other than my little sister Cate, who is doing lots of organizing for this year’s RAGBRAI ride.

Anyway, it was indeed a gorgeous day. I parked inside due to morning sprinkles, but a warm summer-like sun heated up the afternoon, and I drank almost my full water bottle.

The computer said 17 miles .And I did the Bowman Woods hill, too. Not bad for a busy Wednesday.

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