Saturday, March 1, 2014

In Which We Focus On Bicycles and Spring and Love

It’s March 1, and snow is falling. Subzero temperatures are forecast in Iowa this week. The biking omens are not what one could call entirely positive, but then again it is March 1.

It may be delayed by freaky ocean currents and the polar vortex, but spring is waiting out there. To tide us over, a few random bicycle love stories.

First of all the trailer to a movie I have not seen. But I like the opening credits.

Secondly, just because it mentions both love and bicycles, a song that counts the bicycle in Beijing:

Finally, maybe a woman who exaggerates love of bike just a bit. I like Francis, but even in Iowa I wouldn't go that far:

Good luck, kid, but don't expect any money from me. As for the rest of you, stay warm, love your bicycle, but don’t marry it. And soon we’ll all by cycling in the sun again.

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