Thursday, March 13, 2014

In Which The Moon Shines At Dusk

Dry Creek at dusk. The light is pretty low, so I had to rest the camera on the rail of the C Avenue bridge. It looked darker to the eye than this photo captures.

When I was young, dusk, especially in summer, was my favorite time of day. The world turning slowly cooler and mysterious, the sky in darkening shades of blue until finally fading to black. It somehow was the time when play was most random and fun, when my sisters and I would have a “caucus race” around the VW micro-bus.

And so the time change has enhanced my rides. I teach until 6:50 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Because I have an exam tonight, I got out just a few minutes early and rode the trail route home, just as dusk was descending.
Moon in the darkening sky--another image on the C Avenue bridge.

It was the first official “spring” ride—no winter jacket required, no gloves, just a sweater. The morning ride was still winter cold, the afternoon ride was spring warm.

At the magic hour of dusk. I rode with lights on, but it was still fairly light out. The sun was just touching the horizon as I left campus, and the sky steadily became darker. The moon is not yet full, but was large enough to lend some light as the sun faded.

I can’t describe how it feels. A ride in twilight is somehow more peaceful, even with other bikers and walkers and traffic around. The worlds just seems fresher and quieter and cool. The day closes down, and whatever stress it brought is ebbing.

I rode fairly quickly, I think, and didn’t take the full trail route, but instead cut through the middle school near Noelridge Park. And I arrived home with a twilight smile.
Looking west at sky just past sunset.

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