Friday, November 22, 2013

In Which I’m Crazy to Ride, But Not That Crazy

The end of the ride this morning. No spills, but a few chills.
The sidewalk this morning, with Francis. I don't think I was too crazy for riding, just a little crazy.
My ride Monday morning, crossing Dry Creek on C Avenue. I planned to write about the bare time, when you can see through the trees, but didn't get that post done. Below is almost the same view from this morning. Winter.

I had planned to drive today. I drove yesterday, due to a cold rain, and snow fell overnight. It was icy this morning on my front steps, and my personal rule is to avoid riding Francis on ice.

But, at a bit after 7 when I was getting ready to leave home, I looked out. The sun was trying to shine and I could see the sidewalk in front of my house, which looked, well, not that bad. So I decided to try it.

It was far less dramatic than it might have been. I ran into more icy sidewalks than I wanted to, but on a sidewalk I can just go really slow. The streets, which were the bulk of my ride, had far less ice or snow on them, probably because they were cleared by traffic while the snow was falling.

So the ride was a tad cool. Otherwise, it was kind of pretty. All the rides this week have been in the “bare times.” The trees have finally given it up and winter is here. Four months before we see happy green again.

But not four months of no biking, at least not until the snow sticks more than it did this morning.

By the way, this video is not new, but my sister, and biking buddy, Cate posted it on Facebook. She assumes I don’t ride my bike this way. Is she sure? (Yes, she is.)

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