Thursday, September 19, 2013

In Which I Get A Totally Awesome Idea

Hey, Carolyn, what do you think? The MMU bell ringers could learn to ring their bells and control bicycles at the same time, right?

Those Dutch. Aren’t their bikes cute? And I do toally wish I had that kick-butt kickstand.

Who needs to borrow the Shriners Band Float for a parade when it would be totally awesome to ring bells as you ride your bike? Dangerous, sure, but totally awesome. Kudos for Iowa Bicycle Festival for posting the video on Facebook that alerted me to this idea.


  1. Joe, that is beyond awesome. You have to do it. You could use the handlebar extensions like that drummer, and they already had a glockenspiel so really, how different is a bell choir? I would come to every performance if you guys put on a show like that! I would be a bicycle bell choir groupie. A bell belle!

    1. I noticed that drummer too. The only issue is many of us ring more than two bells. We would have to have special shelves on the front of our bikes, steer with our elbows and be quick and careful when switching bells. Which would just make it more awesome ...