Sunday, September 15, 2013

In Which CR Biker Avoids Striking Nicole Kidman

If I had been the celebrity photographer, I would like to think that Nicole Kidman would not have been knocked down. In case you missed the top biking story of the week, late last week a paparazzi photographer on a bike plowed Ms. Kidman down as she attempted to enter her hotel in New York. Sad to say in the same week, I almost plowed down a pedestrian on C Avenue, and I’m deeply sorry.

So, according to him, was the photographer, but I think my “sorry” is a bit more sincere. I was only on the sidewalk on C Avenue because the street, with 4 lanes of busy traffic and a 35 mph speed limit, isn’t very bike friendly. I was not stalking Nicole Kidman.

And my near brush with bike notoriety came as I turned the corner from Brentwood Drive onto C Avenue, heading towards the gym on Saturday morning. There was a couple headed north on foot. I was going very slowly since I had just turned, and thought I was stable enough to simply squeeze by, leaving the bulk of the sidewalk for them. Sadly, I wobbled and made an unexpected (by both the couple and me) left turn.

I nearly knocked into the man. Surely, I would have rather run into Nicole Kidman. But actually, I would rather run in to no one. And in this case, luckily, no collision occurred, and other than a mumbled “sorry,” there weren't any consequences, video on ABC TV or potential charges. Sir, I will be more prepared to stop and let walkers pass every time I go around that sidewalk corner, cross my heart and hope to live.

The photographer who hit Nicole may face reckless driving charges. That sounds OK to me. A biker should always yield to pedestrians, and I honestly always try.

I just don’t always succeed.

Biker, not me, on C Avenue Saturday.
I rode that day, but later, to church and then to my office.
In other CR Biker news headlines:

  • It’s colder out there, but still dry. The biking weather has definitely improved, which is nice, but days are getting shorter and my lights have been much more in use.

  • I failed to get educated on how to use bike lanes. I had every intention of attending a Thursday night ride in downtown CR, but when I got down to the New Bo market at 5 p.m., I found that the first ride was not until 5:45. I just didn’t feel like waiting, so I guess I’m on my own with the new bike lanes.

Perhaps I needed the safety education. There’s at least one guy who was walking on C Avenue who might say so.

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