Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In Which The Clouds Send Forth Some Rain

7 a.m. traffic at the corner of F Avenue and Collins Road Northeast in Cedar Rapids. A pretty sunrise on a day that was blessed with some rain.

I timed it right, and I was lucky today.

The weatherman on Channel 9 said this morning that there might be rain midday, but I figured I could park Francis inside Warde Hall and be OK. And I was.

The morning ride in was a bit cool, although I like cool. It was also a bit dark, due to the early hour (around 7 a.m. when I started) but also to the clouds that eventually would produce a little rain today. I totally missed the rain—I was meeting with students, and I didn't look out my window—but I heard that it came down fairly well for a while this afternoon. Lucky both Francis and I were inside then.

I did get slightly sprinkled on during my commute home, but that’s OK. I didn't really get wet, and I just can’t think any bad feelings about rain right now. In fact, at the risk of spoiling a few bicycle commutes, all that I want to say about rain right now is: “More, please.”

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