Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Post RAGBRAI Rides on the Trail

My bikes, which Ben and I rode today.  Me on Old Blackie, at left, Ben on the junk bike on right.

Well, I’ve ridden my bike 3 times since RAGBRAI—twice I’ve commuted to MMU, and this afternoon I introduced my son Ben to the newer parts of the Boyson Trail.

Actually, I’ve ridden a bit more, because I’m not counting short morning hops to the gym.

The point is that I’m back on the bike fairly quickly.  And it’s going well.

Ben enjoyed the Boyson Trail, I think.  I’m hoping soon to do some Cedar Valley Trail rides, get some extra exercise and miles in before the school rush is in full throttle.

Ben was instrumental in saving the junk bike from a dumpster, so it was fitting that he used it on our ride.  It worked just find, since we didn’t have any challenging hills.  Hopefully, we’ll go on a few more father-son journeys.

And Jon may get some rides in Paraguay.  Apparently, the Peace Corp may provide a bicycle, nothing fancy, but he will have two-wheeled transport.  He will be in Villarrica, a state capital city of around 46,000 in central Paraguay.  Nalena says they have a nice supermarket.  It sounds like a good place, and I look forward to hearing more about it.

May his bike riding there be fun!

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