Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Trails To You, MMU

Picture from PDF file.  Cleck on it to enlarge before you answer survey.
The local powers that be seem to be getting serious about bike trails.

For those, like me, who commute by bike, this is good news.  For those of you, testosterone-infested males driving big ugly SUVs, who hate bikers, this is also good news.  More trails equals fewer bikes on the streets, something that both bikers and bike haters would agree is a good thing.

But, of course, there is the whole taxation and how you spend public monies wisely issue that muddies it up.  I will freely admit that, even as a biker, I’m not sure that bike trails are always number-one (or two, or three) on the priority list, and just because something is “good,” it doesn’t make it better than something else (flood control?) that might compete for public dollars.

Tax dollars are not an unlimited resource.

Still, the Linn County Trails organization,, is doing a survey on trail connections to help local powers that be decide what trail developments should be a priority.

I’ll admit that the three I listed highest, shown with orange boxes of importance on my picture of the city’s PDF file listing the trail connections in question, are personal and based on where I live and where I ride.  I would be interested in just about any of these trails, including the idea of connecting the Sac and Fox and Prairie Parks Fishery trails to an Otis Road trail (the SE loop).

If and when the CENMAR trail is complete, I will have a totally non-street route to work at Mount Mercy.  That will be nice.

Anyway, CR bikers, if you want your input to be heard, check out the list (click on image above to enlarge) and then go to this link to find and take the survey.

May the best trail win!

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