Thursday, August 9, 2012

Watching All the Bunnies and Deer

If at first you don't succeed ....  The first brood of robins in my back bushes was eaten by something, cat or raccoon, I suppose.  But the robins are trying again, and I wish them luck.  Note that just right and below daddy, you can see one of the babies--there seem to be 3 in the nest.
OK, the bird is just in my back yard, and although I saw lots of birds on my bike rides today, I suppose that's cheating, a little.

The doe, however, is legitimately from my morning ride. After I went to the gym, I rode on part of the Boyson Trail, and saw this doe.

Doe on trail between Lindale Drive and main Boyson Road trail, this morning around 8.
Later today, late morning, the grandchildren were over playing, and I offered Tristan a pre-lunch ride. He accepted and we headed down the Boyson Road trail.

Although I didn't photograph them, we actually saw four more deer. He also informed me that any patch of trees we passed through was the “deep dark woods” where the Gruffalo lives.

His older sister is obsessed with the Gruffalo, and apparently Tristan is getting into the act, too.

It's been cool, naturally, since RAGBRAI is over and it's safe for nice weather to return to Iowa. We've had a few rains, which have greened up some of the plant life, although much still looks tired in this dry year.

Today's ride was all about the critters, and we saw many birds and bunnies as well as deer. It was a good Thursday for a mid-day ride.
I asked Tristan after I hopped on the bike--"should I take our picture before we go for our ride?"  "Yes," he said.

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