Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some Ducks And Other Wild Things

Why does the baby duck cross the park drive?  Clearly, to get its image in my blog ....

Happy Fourth of July! We celebrate the letter our ancestors sent to the king of England, telling him we weren't going to eat scones or drink warm beer any more.

I went on two short rides today. In the morning, I did the Boyson Trail in Marion on my way home from the gym. I did the same trail again in the evening, when I went on a ride with my son-in-law, and then he and I rode over to Noelridge Park to meet more family members there.

It was warm in the morning, hot in the evening, but they were short rides and I didn't overdo it.

The theme of the evening ride was “Where the Wild Things Are.” I was telling Brandon (my son-in-law) that I had seen deer often on a new stretch of the trail, and he had just replied that he also often saw turkeys during his rides near Monticello, when a turkey strutted across the trail maybe 30 yards in front of us.

Later, on the new rail line trail headed towards C Avenue, a deer calmly walked across the trail in front of us. It was too far away, maybe 50 yards or so, to even tell for sure if it was a buck or doe, but it was still a deer encounter.

Finally, at the park, we met the family at the duck pond and saw lots of cute baby and mom ducks.

Well, shucks. Despite the heat, the rides were pleasant.

I've done well this week, I figure I have more than 100 miles already, but today was a lighter day. We'll see what tomorrow brings—but tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter than today, so I doubt it will bring any long ride ….

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