Monday, July 9, 2012

In Which CR Biker Finds a Wobble and a Puddle

A wet street on the way to the trail this afternoon. Rain!
I did an early morning ride over the Bowman Woods hill, as usual, but instead of riding on the Boyson Road trail in Marion through the Frisbee golf course, I went east to 10th Street and north to Lowe Park.

The trail there is short, but nice, but getting to it is a huge pain. I might ride it again on a quiet weekend, but not on a weekday morning. There is just no good bike route there, which is mildly frustrating, because why put in a bike trail that nobody can bike to?

Anyway, what with one thing and another, including cleaning out my dresser and killing Japanese beetles with traps and soapy water, I didn't get on the bike again until 3 p.m.--right after a rather surprising afternoon sprinkle. I'm afraid it was nowhere near enough rain to do much good in these dry conditions, but it was rather nice to see puddles on my ride for once.

I used a gift card to buy a back rack for my bike at one store, and went to my regular bike shop for other supplies, including an old school (glue included) patch kit, a new master link for the junk bike and some inner tubes.

Cedar Lake is calm after the storm, but the sky looks
more interesting that it has in recent days.

Then, I noticed a wobble on the way home. I checked, and no spokes are broken, but I think I probably should take Old Blackie to the shop for a pre-RAGBRAI tuning and to get the rear wheel true again. Unfortunately, they are probably buried in bikes right now, which means I won't get mine back much before RAGBRAI.

Which means that I sure hope the master link works to mend the junk bike. Looks like it might be my new training ride!


  1. My bike has been in the shop since the 2nd. Guaranteed return date is the 13th. Good luck!

    1. Turns out I broke a spoke, so mine is in the shop, too. Should be back by the 16th.