Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some Bling For a Hot Bike

Water bottle on it's side in basket, sticker on the front.  I put some stickers on my helmet, my fender and the back of my rear view mirror, too.

I bought my RAGBRAI water bottle today, a nice MMU cool blue model, as you can see.

While I was at the University Store, Ms. T. W. noted that I could also have some free stickers for my bike.  The sheet has many stickers that say “Mount Mercy College” on them, so the sheet isn’t for sale anymore—but the “Mustang” stickers are still current, so I have added some to Old Blackie.

Not many more change to be made before RAGBRAI.  I’ll stop at a downtown store and use a gift card that I won at MMU for a back rack, which will give me some more carrying capacity.  I have to pick up some spare tubes and a patch kit.

But, otherwise, I’m pretty much ready to roll.  I did some hot riding today—commuted home in the afternoon via the Cedar River Trail.  I did fine, and I’m sure I looked great with my new “Mustang” stickers.

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