Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kinda Looks A Lot Like Christmas

Giving tree at MMU. Time to think of Christmas gifts.

In these cold November days, I’ve noted some holiday signs on my daily ride.

Several houses along my route are starting to display Christmas lights. “The Giving Tree” is out at the MMU campus. We’ve had our first snow, which is long since gone, but mornings have been cold—so cold this morning that I wore my skiing underwear and two pairs of socks for the morning ride.

It wasn’t overkill.

The Christmas lights may not be the most environmentally friendly tradition, but many of the streets I bike on are rather dark, and even the dim ambient light of a few twinkly Christmas strands can help.

Mid November. Too soon for Christmas? Maybe, but as the weather gets cold I can understand people who don’t want to wait. And I appreciate the light.

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