Tuesday, March 14, 2017

In Which There Is a Biker in the Mist

Pretty in Iowa this morning. And cold. Sun coming up on C Avenue--and yes, I am riding my bike. Long underwear is not just a good idea--it's a requirement!
March 14—pi day, although I don’t get any pie. I know that’s against all the rules of RAGBRAI and bike etiquette, but the current “30-day challenge” my wife and I are on is to avoid sweets, and pie is best when it’s pretty sweet.

Anyway, snow fell Sunday and Monday here in Iowa, as the temperamental March weather lurched from warmish spring back to Arctic winter. We had a few inches of snow, although I know we’re lucky compared to what will hit the Northeast.

Anyway, this morning felt very cold as I biked to work. I regretted not having grabbed a scarf, but I was otherwise dressed well for the cold.

And it was still a pretty ride—mist rising from a bit of open water at the Rockwell-Collins pond on C Avenue was quite fetching. With bitter cold tonight, I bet that pond may be an ice rink tomorrow morning—and I will for sure grab a scarf then!

After that? March—it’s going to be spring no matter how temperamental it is. You could tell that by the snow. It finished falling Monday morning—and by Tuesday, pavement in town was clear enough for a bike ride in Cedar Rapids.

The one good thing about March snow is that it’s not very persistent.

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