Wednesday, March 8, 2017

In Which I Watch March’s Changing Sky

Wednesday afternoon, shadow of a biker on C Avenue.
March skies—they are starting to get lighter. The time change is this weekend, and suddenly it will be daylight into early evening (but dark in the morning for a time).

Nearly the same spot--nearby pond on C Avenue, but the rising Monday sun is on the other side of the sky. Interesting looking sky is foreshadowing of bands of strong storms Monday would bring.
Already March has been warm, cold, windy, sunny and rainy. Snow is coming this weekend.

Ready to head home Monday-dark clouds in west promise coming storm. Still, a pretty sky--I like that Venus is shining before the other stars briefly appear on the ride home. Glad I made it before the storm rolled in!
 It’s an exciting month for a Midwestern biker. This week, the theme has been wind. Cool winds Wednesday morning, breezier, more pleasant winds Wednesday evening.

Two views of a slightly choppy Cedar Lake at about 5:15 p.m. Wednesday.

Monday? Monday! A pretty, cool, quiet morning. A windy, stormy night, complete with a tornado warning (yes, I was home by then, although I left campus at night due to a Monday night program).

So here you have it, many March sky images from just the first two days of bike rides this week. And I liked the way, on Tuesday, how the sun, when it was nearing 6, was so low it distorted the shadow of my bike and made me look like I was riding one of 19th century things with the giant front wheel.

Wednesday 5:45 p.m. shadow as I head home on Cedar River Trail.
Well, I battled headwinds all the way to work on Tuesday morning. Other than that, this breezy, changing month has been pretty good for biking. Still—it’s only early March. And snow is on the way.

One more shadow shot--crossing Rockwell-Collins parking lot. Not far from C Avenue where I will, in a few minutes, shoot the first image on this blog post. We've come full circle, like a bike wheel.

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