Saturday, January 21, 2017

In Which Maybe The Urban Ride Is Next Year?

RAGBRAI's logo this year, from
North! I was thinking RAGBRAI would go through the center of the state, but they are going way north.

So maybe next year they can use my other idea and include Iowa’s 5 largest cities in the same route. RAGBRAI, how about it?

RAGBRAI 2017, whose overnight towns were announced Jan. 21,  apparently will be a pretty easy route this year, third least hilly and third leas in miles. That’s OK with me. I’ll try to maximize my miles somehow, but Team Joe will require some driving shifts.

Nalena—your first RAGBRAI won’t be too bad. Jon—no Pizza Ranch in Carroll, but also no World’s Least Prepared Mexican Restaurant in Grinnell. Susan, does the route go close to your home?

And, anyway, the route does through the far north of Iowa that I’m not very familiar with. I have not seen the Surf Ballroom yet. Been to Spencer many a time, but otherwise many of the towns will be new to me.

Lansing? That’s a place in Iowa? It’s not isolated like Guttenberg, I hope …

Anyway, it wasn’t the greatest biking week. I think Friday was the only day I commuted, and it was a pretty damp commute. Too much rain and ice this week. Here’s hoping for a bit more riding next week!

Photo I took of Busse Library on Monday Jan. 16. I was waiting for a pizza to be delivered for newspaper staff. We had an ice storm that day and classes were cancelled. So was bicycling.

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