Friday, January 6, 2017

In Which I Ride Some Cold Rides

Sunset Jan. 4 on my ride home. Cold, but pretty.
There was a dusting of snow Thursday morning—not much, but I wasn’t sure about the streets. I’ll ride when it’s cold—even subzero wind chills—but snow is a game changer. And although the streets were fine in the afternoon, in the morning, the pavement was not really clear.

So Thursday I drove.

Today is a “work” from day home—I have done, and will do, some work, although I don’t think writing this post exactly counts—so no bike riding today.

Despite the two-day respite, I did get some riding in this week. Wednesday, for example, was very, very cold, but I bundled up and rode and don’t regret it.

You can dress for cold. And I did see some other bikers out, so I’m not the only one riding the streets of Cedar Rapids this winter!

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