Sunday, September 18, 2016

In Which We Ride Some New Rides

Thursday night--photo of Harvest Moon I took while on bike ride.

Some new biking experiences were the theme of recent rides.

On Thursday night, I attended a lecture at Mount Mercy University that is part of our Fall Faculty Series on immigration. I wrote about it on one of my other blogs. Because of the lecture, I was riding home well after dark, with my Nikon camera, which I don’t usually carry on my bike.

It was the night of the Harvest Moon—shine on, shine on Harvest Moon. So, I stopped now and then to take Luna’s picture.

Kenwood School, picture I took on my ride home.

Friday, the MMU Bike Club hosted “Club Friday,” and then was set for a ride later that afternoon. Only two students—the club president and one other, showed up, so I proposed to the small group that I show them my commuting ride, after which we could head over to Dairy Queen in Hiawatha.

They agreed, but before we left campus, two other riders joined us.

Bike Club selfie before Friday ride.

It was kind of funny. I think Mark, the club president, was half joking, but he kept asking, after about 2 miles or so, “do you live here?” It was sort of like being on a drive with a young child who asks “are we there yet” every few minutes.

Cloudy afternoon-Bike Club crossing parking lot at Rockwell-Collins. We are almost there. Mark decided I probably own Rockwell-Collins, although I don't think I do.

About 4 miles later, we arrived at my house and invited Audrey to go to DQ with us. It’s about 2 miles from my house to DQ, and along the way, Mark noted that this was the longest, craziest route to DQ he’s ever biked on.

Well, sure. As Audrey would say, when you let Joe pick the route, crazy things happen.

Bikes at DQ. Rack was empty before we arrived. Mine is first bike in line.

Saturday was cool and pleasant, and late in the afternoon, Audrey and I took two grandchildren for a ride on the Boyson Trail. One grandchild, 9 months old, rode on a toddler seat in front of me, the other grandchild, age 3, rode the Tab-Along seat behind my bike—so Clarence was acting like the people carrier he was named after.

The ride was probably the farthest that the 9-month-old has gone on the bike. He likes rides, but he also wants them to be short, because being strapped in and wearing a helmet is not his thing. It was good we stopped at Hanna Park and let the kids swing—he needed the break.

Swinging in the park.

Still, overall, he was OK with the ride. The older grandchild was thrilled. Audrey noticed that she has figured out she has no reason to pedal, since the bike moves if she just sits there, so I’m sure the outing was good exercise for me, too.

So, Thursday, Friday and Saturday represented some new ride experiences for some people—a nice trio of fun biking days!

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