Friday, September 2, 2016

In Which The Club Rides Again

Clarence, parked at Lundy, awaiting MMU Bike Club ride. The U's bikes are in the background.

I found Mark in the backroom behind the Lundy Fitness Center, attempting to fix a wobbly back wheel. We looked at it together and decided it was a job for the bike shop.

Then, we attempted to change a flat tire—only to find that the bike wheel in question didn’t have the inner rubber guard that protects the tube from the spoke heads.

So MMU is down two bikes, but Mark had already aired up the tyres on the others, so we did a q    uick chain lube on all of the university’s bicycles, and then Mark helped two other students check bikes out.

Bike club tradition, pre-ride selfie. Mark and I wore our bike club shirts.

The MMU bike club was ready to ride. It was a perfect, sunny and warm early fall afternoon. Three MMU students, a recent graduate and I headed out.

We circled Cedar Lake twice and came back to campus—one student had to be back by 5:30. As MMU bike club rides go, it was fairly short—but the start of yet another Bike Club season. MMU students—hope to see many more of you on the trail with us soon!

On the ride, circling Cedar Lake, above. Stopped at light on J Avenue, below.

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