Sunday, August 21, 2016

In Which Mirror 2 Helps Me Look Back

Opening day Thursday at MMU. A bit foggy in the morning, campus looks pretty as I cross it.

On Tuesday, I picked up Clarence from the bike shop, where a new derailleur was installed during the free 30-day checkup. I also bought a new rear view mirror, and installed it Wednesday.

But a half mile into the ride to campus, the glass popped out and shattered.

Me in new mirror Friday before ride to campus. Swung by Cedar Lake, below. Nice week for biking.

It was Friday before I had time to take the mirror back to the bike shop, but they cheerfully replaced it. I didn’t want the same style—the first mirror had been hard to force inside my handlebars, so I got a round mirror of the same style I used to have on Francis. While a bit more complex, it fit easily and snugly—and has stayed on for three days.

I think we have a winner, in the mirror department.

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