Tuesday, August 23, 2016

In Which I Take a Morning Detour

On the way to campus this morning, I decided I wanted to ride on the Cedar River Trail.

Not usually that big of a deal, but roadwork in Hiawatha means my usual route to the trail is less useful—especially in morning traffic.

So I rode a rather convoluted route that had me on Old Marion Road and 42nd Street for a time. A few drivers were grumpy, one small yellow car barreling past unnecessarily close despite a wide lane. But I made it to the trail via 42nd Street, and before heading into work, went down to Cedar Lake.

I often photograph it in the afternoon, looking west into the setting sun. Today, some images looking east at the rising sun. It was cool and nice, and rather peaceful on the trail, especially once I got there away from car traffic.

Cedar Lake, Tuesday morning.

Later, on campus, I was at a meet-and-greet event between faculty in my department—Communication, Literature and Art—and new students. One activity was to get a henna tattoo, and I did—of a bike.

Abby, an art student, draws in henna on my arm. Looks like Clarence to me, and Clarence was indeed the bike for the ride today.

The day ended at an “Involvement Fair” where I helped get prospect names for both the Bike Club and the student newspaper.

All in all, despite the odd detour and the rude yellow car driver, it was a great day to be riding a bicycle.

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