Thursday, July 7, 2016

In Which I View The July Sky

Clouds and young tree behind Oak Ridge Middle School. Wednesday afternoon, I rode out to the trail that leads behind the school and over to Lowe Park.

Not that many miles in the past two days—Wednesday I spent most of the day with a grandson, but did get a short late afternoon ride.

Heading home on Boyson Road, looking west near Bowman Meadows development.

Thursday was more family time and some work tasks, so the biking was basically just the commute to campus.

Thursday afternoon clouds, MMU campus, as I bike to my office.

Still, on both days, it was interesting to be out, partly due to the changing July sky. Our weather has been humid and warm, and storms have bubbled up and rumbled through. It rained early Wednesday and early Thursday—with the Wednesday rain being an intense storm during the night.

Warde Hall Thursday afternoon, seen from near the bike rack where I just parked Argent.

In the day, the unsettled atmosphere produced a continuing kaleidoscope of cloudscapes. While I’ll take a pretty blue sky any day, I have enjoyed the ongoing show.

Looking west at corner of C Avenue and Blairs Ferry Road, Thursday around 6:15 p.m.

And, I hope, I will ride more miles this weekend!

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