Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In Which We Seek The Scream

Sunday--overnight storms included two tornados in the area, but not in CR. Some limbs and trees down. Tree at the top of Bowman Woods Hill.

Sunday’s ride was interesting primarily because there were places where trees were tossed about by a violent overnight thunderstorm. Luckily, unlike some nearby communities, I don’t think there was much property damage in Cedar Rapids.

Monday, one of my daughters stopped by with her bicycle and wanted to ride this afternoon. So she, my wife and I headed off.

Monday--Cedar Lake is looking very pretty as we cycle by.

I suggested we go to The American Popcorn Company in New Bo for some ice cream. The ladies did not resist.

I had not been there before, but Maddie, my newspaper editor at Mount Mercy last year, insisted I take Audrey there, so now I have. It was a worthwhile place, and I’m sure we’ll be there again.

Enjoying a warm summer afternoon--not hot in CR  yet,this is the start of the week before the heat wave.

The afternoon was perfect for an ice cream ride—warm without being too hot, sunny with a light wind.

I worked this morning to install some bling on the new bike, including the back rack and toddler seat holder from Francis. And I rode that bike today on our ride, which I think was about 14 miles in total.

New blue bike with toddler seat and back bags. Now I am ready for work rides to campus.


The day after I wrote this post, and before I posted it, there was sad news in Cedar Rapids. Daniel Lehn, a Coe College professor, died near North Liberty after being struck by a pickup truck while riding a recumbent bicycle.

He was only a year older than me. Here is The Gazette’s story.

I had not met him, but probably saw him sometimes on the trails around town. I feel lucky that I don’t have to ride any country roads to get to a bike trail—but I commute by bicycle and frequently use city streets.

The accident hits close to home, in many ways. I don’t know any details of the accident other than what the paper reported, but it’s a reminder that life is a gift that can be taken at any point, and all of us who ride bicycles get to have a special joy in that gift. But, the saying is that you only live once—so let’s all be careful out there, bikers and walkers and drivers. My condolences to his family, friends and the Coe College community.

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