Monday, March 7, 2016

In Which A Rider Strips Down

Monday morning selfie at Blair's Ferry and C Avenue, waiting for the light without a jacket in sight. I look so happy, don't I?

Monday, March 7, 2016—a day that will live in history.

Because, for bike’s sake, where else do old days live?

Anyway, I donned my sweater and went to the garage to retrieve my two-wheeled carriage, and then made the call.

End of the ride Monday, sunshine on the Rohde Plaza at MMU.
No sugar tonight in my coffee, no sugar tonight in my tea. And no jacket needed on a warm March spring morning.

Pond at Rockwell-Collins on C Avenue. But it's really a picture of the sky, with clouds hiding the rising sun.

We may yet have snow. Rain is forecast for later this week, but after all, in Iowa, snowflakes are normal in April and have been seen in early May. But the weather has clearly turned to a biking friendly direction. A spin of old Earth and Sol is beaming down and the grown is the bare brown, with tinges of green, which promises the warmer months.

I biked 25 miles Sunday because I had a concert at Mercy Medical Center to ring at and just because one should not waste an early spring warm afternoon.

Sunday afternoon, Hallmar retirement home at Mercy Medical Center. Skylight reflected in one of my bells. I didn't play all that well, but never seem to for this concert. Someday.
The scenery, in its bare greys and browns, is not yet much to see, but I was hoping for an eagle sighting down by the river. I’ don’t know for sure if I got one, but I did see several very large birds very high very far off, which looked like they had “fingers” and straight wings, which at a distance could be eagles, or not.

Cedar River, March 6. Stark spring beauty, but I will welcome the warmer, greener, lighter world when it arrives.

Anyway, there were plenty of others enjoying the somewhat jumbled (closed by sewer lines and bridge construction) trails in Cedar Rapids. I was impressed most by the interesting, milky sky, and Monday’s March sky was equally milky and interesting.

Spring! Get on your bikes and ride. No jacket needed.

Cedar Lake, March 6. Sun and clouds. The look of March.

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