Friday, March 4, 2016

In Which I Travel Over and Under

Early Thursday, wet, sometimes slick sidewalks, empty bike rack.

Well, Thursday there was snow—too much to bike in. This March snow was an ephemeral thing, however, and was gone by Friday.

On the way to class in Thursday morning, I wore snow boots and walked outside. I went back to grab some coffee when I had a little extra time, and then didn’t bother with the snow boots (I had shoes with me) so I traveled back to the library the Mount Mercy way—underground, through the tunnels.

Early Thursday--cold on campus, but kind of pretty.

Looking back towards Warde Hall and I walk towards Rohde Family Plaza at MMU.

Looking across campus from the plaza. We're ready for winter to be over, but it does look pretty.

Catherine in snow.

The walk back, with coffee. It's warmer down here, but a bit prettier outside.

But by Friday, the Thursday sunshine had done enough to make the walkways and streets bike ready.

The morning was frosty, but blue and pretty.

Clouds rolled in for the afternoon commute, and I was stung a bit by nasty cold rain that felt like it had ice pellets in it. Still, it only sprinkled, and I met my wife and daughter for Peanut Buster Parfaits at a Dairy Queen in Hiawatha.

All in all, considering the snow, the biking weeks worked out fairly well.

Friday morning after I've biked to campus. It was cloudy in the afternoon, but kind of pretty. The ground is grey with frost, but the snow cover has mostly melted away. The roads were just fine for morning biking.

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