Thursday, June 4, 2015

In Which I See The Sunset Bunny

A bunny at sunset Wednesday.

In two days, I rode 20 miles, 13 on Wednesday, 7 today.

That’s not much, given that it was humid and warm, and not terrible for biking. The RAGBRAI pre-ride should be passing through Hiawatha, and I need to get in a lot more saddle time myself. I also need to get Francis in shape for RAGBRAI, and these are not entirely compatible goals since Francis is the only bike ready to ride that I own right now.

New side trail branching off the Boyson Trail into a new neighborhood.
Well, it will all work out, I think. Yard projects—trimming trees, mowing, putting in edging—kept me busy for two days, but now, I hope, I will get some serious miles in.

At least I did get the 20 miles in, thanks mostly to my wife practically tossing me out the door Wednesday afternoon.

And on that late afternoon ride, I did encounter the sunset bunny. A rabbit was sitting on the Lindale Trail and stayed there as I got fairly close. Close enough to take its photo, anyway. I thought it looked pretty cool, back lit by the setting sun. May it be a good omen for bicycle rides.

And now, to bed. It’s getting late, I’m tired from my garden chores, and maybe there are more miles to ride tomorrow!

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