Sunday, June 7, 2015

In Which The Sky Turns Me Back

Pretty sky near federal courthouse. But note clouds in the south, which are moving north.

I planned to ride for a while today—maybe aim to get 40 or more miles in.

I had not been down as far south as Ely in quite some time, and figured, on a warm, sunny afternoon, why not? So I started by riding the hill, and then headed south on the trail.

It was warm and a bit muggy, but not bad. There were lots of riders and walkers on the trail. Everything seemed to be going well, until I got south of the Cedar River. The sky ahead, which had been blue, grew increasingly grey and dark.

There had been thunderstorms last night, and the sky was looking stormy. So, at a new city park on the south end of the new housing development, the last urban neighborhood on the trail headed south, I paused at about 6 for a snack and to turn around.

View as I gobble down a granola bar and box of raisins. I was going to snack in Ely, but did at this park, which became my turn-around point.
The sky looked better to the north, and I hoped that by riding that way, I would move into better weather. As it turned out, no storm started. It merely got cloudy, but didn’t rain.

Maybe I should have just gone on to Ely. Well, I’ll make up the miles tomorrow that I didn’t do today—my sister and I plan a practice ride. And I did get close to 37 miles for the day, which isn’t bad when the long ride began at around 4 p.m.

Final water pause on way home, break at Cedar Lake. Blackbird expresses his displeasure with my company.

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