Monday, April 27, 2015

In Which We Celebrate the Apple Phase of Spring

White crab apple tree in my front yard, I took its photo right at the end of my evening commute--so it's right at sunset just past 7:30 p.m. I have 7 crab apple trees and this is the first to actively bloom and is just starting--more sweet smells on the way!
The air was sweet on the slightly cool Monday afternoon bike ride home.

It was easy to see why. While some lilacs are starting to perfume the air, the dominant odor on the ride came from some big, old, perfume-spilling crab apple trees. It’s the apple season, when apples and crab apples make Iowa a sweet smelling place.

It’s a welcome change, Pear blossoms are finally fading, and we won’t miss their rotting fish odor.

Photo from Sunday--yes another Sunday flower photo. Pear tree in back. It does look pretty but does not smell as nice as the crab apples that are just coming on.

Anyway, the morning ride was so cool I didn't notice the apple smell—but this afternoon, with temperatures in the 60s, it was sweet to breath. When I got home—about 7:30, just as the light was fading—a young grandson was waiting, hoping for a quick ride. Well, I already had lights on, and putting the toddler seat on the bike is the work of a few seconds.

So up the Brentwood Drive hill we went, and there were some blooming trees along the way—and as we headed uphill, we certainly had time to enjoy their sweet scent.

Apple blossom time! Sweet days for bike riders.

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