Thursday, April 23, 2015

In Which A Cool Week Is Great For Riding

Francis parked at Gazette Tuesday morning.

Not sure what Mother Nature has in store for tomorrow. Rain is moving in sometime Friday, and I’ll have to check the weather to see if I’m on two wheels.

But, so far, this busy cool spring week has been just right for biking.

It started off with a fairly warm Sunday. We had a breakfast event at Mount Mercy University, and afterwards the Iowa grandchildren and their moms were hanging out. The day had started wet and cool, but was nice by afternoon, so we blocked off the driveway with a car and opened the garage door so the kids could get out ride-on toys.

Child read for ride. Francis is Overlord approved.

One of those toys was Francis. Four of the kids are small enough to fit in the toddler seat, and although one eligible rider didn’t want a ride, the other three did. So I went up the Bowman Woods hill three times as I made a short loop in the neighborhood, giving those rides.

I know, I didn’t have to ride up the hill, but I did it anyway. As the weather turns warmer, I start to think “RAGBRAI,” and I need the hill miles.

She does not look happy, does she? This one is bike crazy this year--loves, loves, loves to ride with me on Francis.

Anyway, some mornings this week have been cool enough to wear a jacket while riding. And wind has indeed been an issue.

On Tuesday, I biked to the Gazette because one of my classes had a tour there. I locked Francis to a light pole, and the bike had been blown over by the time we were done.

Despite having to fight the “wind hills,” I still found the rides this week to be OK. And today, Thursday, was just gorgeous—again frosty in the morning, but little winds and lots of sun.

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