Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In Which RAGBRAI Sets the Full Route

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Well, it’s time for Team Joe to get organized. Susan is getting married, so won’t be with us this year. Jon is probably going to be doing RAGBRAI, but has arragted to ride as part of his group of tech friends from the Seattle area. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Jon, even if he’s going to skip the pleasure of camping with the Big Snore (aka, CR Biker).

Anyway, Cate, Brigid, Eldon, I hope you’re all in. For the day into and out of Hiawatha, we’ll probably have some added members—I think Theresa may ride at least one of those days.

The route this year looks very interesting. RAGBRAI announced the full route Sunday, and if you follow the link on the first map above, you can watch their video discussion of the route and read what they say about it. Hilly the first day, which is no surprise, but kind of hilly the day we pull into Hiawatha, too.

The first few days will take me through the old neighborhood—it used to be that Sioux City was “the big town,” and when we needed to go somewhere with books story and toy stores for Christmas shopping, it means the drive west an hour to Sioux City. Audrey taught there at both Briar Cliff and Morningside.

The first overnight town is Storm Lake, where I worked for 10 years when we lived in Early. The next day will feel like a reenactment of many Friday or Saturday drives—we go through towns like Newell, Fonda, Pomeroy (if the weather is good and I feel like some gravel riding). I was in many of those places when I had middle school or high school kids attending St. Mary’s in Storm Lake. Glad I won’t have to be in a cold bleacher at a track meet this time!

Of course, later in the week, we pull into Hiawatha. Honestly, that will put us closer to my house than the year we rode into Cedar Rapids. I had to get a ride home that year—this year we’ll be so close that we’ll probably just peddle over.

Finishing in Davenport will be nice, too. The victory dinner will, I hope, include some Quad City family members.

Well, the details of the route make RAGBRAI 43 look pretty good. April 1 is the full week registration deadline.

Team Joe: Assemble!

And maybe I'll go to the Sioux City party, because, you know: 

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