Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In Which The Lights Are On And Off

View from a loading dock. I've arrived at MMU on Monday, March 8, the day after the clock change. This is around 8 a.m., but the sun is just coming up over campus. I had my lights on for the morning ride.

The time change this week has my biking upside-down. Just last week, I rode with sunglasses on in the morning and lights at night.

But on Monday, I rode with lights in the morning. I still needed lights (it was a late night) at night, too, but it was much lighter later than it has been.

I miss the sun in the morning, but I hope on Wednesday I will have a little time for a bit of a longer ride in the afternoon on my way home. The warmer weather cries out for it.

Tonight, I had a bell choir rehearsal until 6 p.m.—and rode halfway home before I flipped my lights on. It’s that light that late now.

I suddenly wish that I was retired. I don’t want to be that old, but I wouldn’t mind the time for longer bike rides during this first warm week of spring after that bitter Februrary!

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