Sunday, August 24, 2014

In Which Trails Are Popping Up All Over

End of my morning ride--sidewalk beyond the end of a trail that will eventually lead to downtown Cedar Rapids.

This morning, the Gazette, besides featuring a column by me that I wrote about on my other blog, also had a front-page story that explains how more regional transportation dollars are making long-term bike trail plans a reality in the coming years.

I was riding on the Boyson Trail and related trails this morning, and I took a new sidewalk that leads up into the shopping area where Menards in Marion is located. It felt odd to be able to get out of the trail via that end, but useful, too.

And eventually, maybe before I’m 60, I may be able to ride trails all the way to Mount Mercy, with a route that goes under Highway 151 and under First Avenue. I wonder a bit at the “under First Avenue” part, but that is what the story says.

Can’t wait.

End of the line for now--part of the interface of sidewalk and trail (can't see the paving which is "below" the photo). This trail ends at Highway 151, for now, but eventually will head south and west to Mount Mercy.

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