Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In Which I Enjoy Some Cool-Day Lilies

Lily in garden behind Warde Hall. As you can see, it's a grey, cool day--but every outdoor thing seems fresher following much-needed rain.

Yesterday and today have featured some extra biking. I ended up riding 26 miles yesterday, partly because I had forgotten to get a check for my piano teacher and had an extra commute to and from campus as a result, and partly because one of my daughters invited us over for supper, and I bicycled out to her house.

And the extra trips continued today. It rained during supper, so I left Francis in my daughter’s garage. After morning exercise, my wife drove me over to retrieve the bike.

It was a cool, foggy ride home at a bit past 6 a.m. It wasn’t dark anymore, but fog made it seem dim, so I rode with lights on. My glasses started to mist up, but then cleared off by themselves.

After arriving at home, it was time to eat breakfast and prepare for the day. I was on an Iowa Private College Week panel, so I stowed an extra shirt in the van in case my first shirt got too sweaty on the ride to campus.

And another kind of lily from the same garden at MMU.

Luckily, the fog was still around and the humid air was still pretty cool. I didn’t seem too soggy at all, which is good, because it turned out my spare shirt is still in the driveway of my house—my wife decided to drive a car today.

Well, I think I got the better deal. Despite the greyness of this post-rain world, it is a nice day for a bike ride. I have more than 10 miles in today already, and we’ll have to see when the evening commute begins and what kind of mood I’m in.

Maybe it’s time to check out Lafayette again …

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