Friday, January 17, 2014

In Which Some Tracks Are Left In The Snow

Cedar River Trail near Collins Road underpass--my bike tracks in snow. Below--just had to walk the bike over a short distance on Council Street sidewalk due to drifts--bub those were rare.

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The irony is, I forgot to check. My mileage estimates for my trips so far this year are pretty rough guesses, but I should be able to do better because my bike’s computer has an odometer. I figured out before my ride home to how access it, and noted that the mileage ended in “76.”

So, since I was going to take the trail home, I could simply note the mileage when I got home and do a bit of math, and voila.

I recall figuring out that I had gone 6 miles note long after I left the trail. But when I got home, I did not check the final miles.

Oh well. For now, we’ll just go with the rough guess. I rode 12 miles today, I think, and have ridden 46 miles so far this week.

Streets were largely OK, and the trail was mostly clear, but there were a few spots where I had to get off and walk the bike through minor drifts.

And yes, it was windy and freakishly cold.

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