Monday, December 24, 2012

In Which Snow Ends The Biking Season For Now

Snow-covered sidewalk at MMU on Sunday.  They do a good job clearing walks, but the U is closed.  Most streets are better than this, but some are like this, and it's not clear enough for biking.

A snowstorm on Thursday of last week has left the streets of Cedar Rapids too slick and snowy for biking.  To give the city credit, I scouted the streets to MMU and found that that weren’t coated with that special white snow icing CR usually leaves behind on quiet residential avenues—but there’s still too much snow and ice to make two wheels a practical way to get around.

Today is Christmas Eve, and a light frosting of snow, less than an inch, was added as a nice holiday frosting to the world.

Well, even if it might be a while before the streets are bare enough for me to resume commuting via bicycle, I still say Merry Biking Christmas to all of you out there.  And here’s hoping for bare pavement in the new year!

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