Friday, December 7, 2012

In Which CRBiker Parks Near USN Donnelly

My bike in an unusual parking spot.

My bike parking adventures at MMU continued today.  It was not as mysterious as the incredible shift north during the day that I wrote of earlier this week.  Today, in honor of Pearl Harbor Day, however, I was parked near the MMU building that most resembles a battleship.

No kidding.  When I walk across campus, I often think that the triangular prow of the Donnelly Center would look at home with a nice gun turret on top.

Anyway, I was parked there today because a project was going on at the northeast side of Warde Hall.  Pigeons have made the rafter area their little dinosaur village, which means the area is stained with dinosaur poop.  The maintenance folks noted that an entrance to Warde Hall would be closed today, and they let me know when I asked that it was a good idea to park my bike elsewhere today.  MMU brought in a contractor to both fix the aging gutters of Warde Hall, and also to install some rows of spikes in pigeon town to encourage its residents to move on.

Hopefully, not to the upper decks of the USN Donnelly.
Work underway on pigeon eeviction at Warde Hall.

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