Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Road That I Used To Travel

The usual road home is blocked by an accident.

Sky before my ride seen at MMU.
I was biking home Friday at dusk—around 4:30, and when I turned to head north on Eastern, my usual route, I saw that there had been a traffic accident at the corner of Eastern and 29th Street.

Bummer.  I hope nobody was hurt.

Anyway, I proceeded along 27th to Lindale and turned north there, and ended up riding home on E Avenue in front of Kenwood School.  When I first started biking to work, this was my usual route, until I discovered the utility of the route that runs on quiet streets behind Kenwood School.

It’s odd how stuck on a route you can be when you regularly go from point A to point B.  You find a way that works and you’re comfortable with it for months or even years, and then an accident or road construction forces you to find another way.  Later, you have to decide if the old habitual route was best, or if you like the new one.

Because it avoids the school traffic and crosses two busy streets at better spots, I’ve taken to the new route.  It felt a bit weird riding the old one, like I was in a time machine going backwards.  The weather was nice and ride was fine, it just felt a bit “wrong,” like sitting in the wrong pew in church.

Which, I think, is a good idea, now and then.  Get out of your comfort zone and see the world or your bicycle route with new eyes from a new perspective.

I should do this now and then when there is no accident.
Most bugs are gone, but on a warmish afternoon, a few are around.  Saw this guy on the central campus of MMU as I was headed across campus to go get my bike and head home.

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