Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunrise At Kenwood School

Sunrise in a cloudy sky this Monday.  Very pretty.
Yes, I know it’s been done—in fact, I did it myself last week—but please excuse yet one more picture of the morning sun at Kenwood School.

And, below, at the corner of 42nd Street and E Avenue, a bit north and a few minutes before the top photo.

Yes, it was a fine morning—warm compared to what we’ve had lately, lighter due to the weekend clock change and a bit damp.  Damp is not good news for a biker, but I can’t feel anything but good about wet in this drought year.

Happy Monday!  And welcome to the morning light/afternoon dark season.  I’ll be using my lights pretty much every day for the afternoon commute, and the midday sun will continue its cruise to southern climes.  Well, I hope Paraguay won’t feel too baked as they enter their late spring, early summer time in the southern hemisphere—Jon, is there any chance you’ll eventually get a bike down there?  For us in the north, we’re n the dark phase of the year.

Dark, but still practical for this bicycle rider until the ice and snow come.  Let us hope there’s not too much of that—even if I do like H2O from the sky!
Sideways, blogger, really?  The photo is not that way on my computer.  Anyway, sunrise at 42nd Street and E Avenue.

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