Saturday, June 16, 2012

Journey To The Farmer’s Market

Ben and Nikayla take a shade break at the Farmer's Market today in downtown Cedar Rapids.  Tristan's arm is there holding the balloon.

It was a fine warm, humid Iowa morning following a much-needed overnight rain.

Brandon brought his bike and we proceeded, via the street of car vendors, to head down to the trail to bike downtown.  There were plenty of bikers on the trail, but we were making good time, until a spring on Brandon’s front brake popped out and the brake constantly engaged.  Popping it back in was quick, once we discovered the source, and we were on our way again.

At Greene Square Park, the county trail group had valet bike parking, which is a nice touch.  I found some golden Stella de Oro lilies at Habitat for Humanity, and bought those, alone with a tree book from the library.  The lilies are nice, they are narrow leafed, compared to most, and are gold.  Most Stella do Oro should be Stella de Vermillion, since they flowers are yellow, but these are actual a pretty bronze gold.

We met the rest of the crew quickly and had a bit of a quick tour around the market.  Not much food to buy yet, as we are weeks away from sweet corn time.  After we walked the grandkids and others back to their cars, I got a phone call from Mount Mercy.

Today was freshman registration and I had signed up to work it.  Opps.  I hopped on old Blackie and made a quick run to campus, where I helped several students sign up for classes.

I missed my own Father’s Day weekend family lunch, as a result, but no complaints.  It was my own fault.

Well, it was a warm and slightly stressful biking day, but a good day nonetheless.  I think I did around 140 miles, so it was a decent practice week for RAGBRAI—but I hope next week I won’t be rushing to any forgotten commitments!

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