Saturday, June 2, 2012

I’ll Get By With a Little Help

Tool and frame pump I'm borrowing from Jon.  The cap is just the one for the new tube I've installed, it's not a borrowed tool, too.

Would Jon's pump fit the bracket for a different brand of pump I had before?  Yes, it would.
Heard from Jon and Nalena today.  I missed the Skype session because I was getting in a few RAGBRAI miles, but them's the breaks.  They are safe in Paraguay and starting their Peace Corps training.

Anyway, I’m borrowing some of Jon’s stuff (with his permission).  He had a frame pump, which I tested on my flat front tire.  After swapping out the tube, I pumped up the tire with the frame pump.  Well, it worked much better than my old plastic frame pump, so it’s earned a spot on RAGBRAI and RAGBRAI training rides—but it isn’t as good as a foot pump, so I topped off the tire before the ride.

Jon also has a bike tool kit, a sort of all in one Swiss Army knife of bike stuff.  Again, I’ll take it along, although I’ll have to be careful.  It’s small and semi-cool, so I’ll have to ensure I bring it back from RAGBRAI.

Still did not break 100 miles this week, although I did get in around 15 miles today.  I will take a longer bike ride tomorrow and break the century mark this week, I promise.

And yes, I’ll try to get the junk bike running so if I pop another spoke, I won’t be reduced to riding Audrey’s bike.

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