Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cool Trip Down the Barely Light Trail

Sites along the Cedar River trail in Cedar Rapids in December.

A blog post I started last week but had not finished, but photo could have been taken today:

Thursday was a cool day, but not bad for biking. But, on the way to the office, I heard a familiar but dreaded “pop.”

A broken spoke.

I had planned to bike to an afternoon appointment and then to see Shirley at Promise House, but ended up driving the van instead. I mentally prepared myself to face my two-week Christmas break sans bike, not a happy time.

But, when I took the bike to Northtowne that afternoon, they asked me if I would use it the next day, should they fix it right away. Well, yes, yes I would.

And they did. Nice.

So today I biked to the office, then to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings on Blair’s Ferry with some of the newspaper staff. It had warmed a bit in the afternoon, so I took the slightly longer trail route.

I do prefer the warm, green summer trail, but even with the sun hanging low in the south and casting long shadows midday, it’s a pleasant December for biking.

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