Saturday, December 24, 2011

Better Than a Sled on Christmas Eve

Tristan at Bowman Woods School.
Tristan wears helmet.

Nikayla at Bowman Woods School.

Well, blog pals, I have not done much riding this week since I’m off work over the holidays.

Yet, I got a ride in today. We did the big family gift unwrapping on Christmas Eve this year, and I got some bike loot, including a new computer since I had snapped the wires on my previous one, a new pair of bike gloves since I had lost a glove this winter and a new helmet—the old one was a bit worn.

As soon as he saw the helmet, my bike loving grandson Tristan grabbed it, donned it and rode off on his small indoor toy wooden bike.

Late in the afternoon, I suggested a walk, and he enthusiastically agreed, but then suggested “ride bike?” He was thrilled when I agreed, and then said, “ride bike to park?”

So my son Jon borrowed my bike as I pedaled my wife’s, which has the kid trailer attached, where Mr. T rode. Some of the women in the family, and Nikayla, walked to the park as the boys biked.

It was cool, but nice. We went, we played, we biked home (with Nikayla this time). I think Jon respects me a bit more for my having ridden Old Blackie all the way across Iowa, but I am not sure he’s ever gone as slowly on a bike as when he accompanied me towing both kids.

On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer … On Two Wheels! I didn’t have any reindeer to pull me and I didn’t fly, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas Eve excellent bike adventure with Jon and Mr. T—and Nikayla, too!

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