Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Journey

Ben and I rode our bikes on Father's Day, and had a lot of fun. It was sort of "between rains," as Iowa seems to be having a monsoon season.

We wanted to use the Cedar Valley trail, and with construction on Council Street blocking all our usual routes, it took a while to get there. Once there, we first rode over to my sister Cate's house to deliver some Puerto Rican sweet potato candy (see my other blog for long report on that trip).

Then, back to the trail. Went north just 4 miles, so the trail ride about an 8-mile trip. Overall, I'd say we rode about 15 miles. It was lucky we brought water with us--it was a very hot trip--but it was fun, too.

Saw a deer by the trail, many riders. I was pleasantly suprised when we got past the pavement that the crushed limestone part, at least for the short distance we rode, was not too mushy.

I hope efforts ongoing to raise money to pave the trail work out. In Iowa's climate, too much of the year is too wet if a trail is not paved.

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