Sunday, June 27, 2010

And The Route Just Happens to Pass Dairy Queen

My bike is pimped out a bit more, courtesy of Father's Day gifts from Katy. I have a bell and a rear view mirror now. On June 26, Audrey and I decided to ride our bikes to see Audrey's mother at Promise House, an assisted-living center in Hiawatha.

If Council Street were not semi-permanently torn up by what seems to be the worlds longest street project, we would take the "behind Target" route west to the Cedar Valley Trail for the short ride on the trail to Emmons Street, the bikers way of crossing I-380 in Hiawatha. Since Council Street appears to be blocked for the next decade or so, we instead rode through the Rockwell Collins parking lots to a street that runs behind the Galaxy movie thearter, then a short jaunt on the open part of Council Street to another street that goes by a Chevy dealers, the future home of a farm/garden store and a Nissan dealership. We end up with a slightly longer journey north on the trail rather than a shorter journey south to Emmons.

The ride was OK, although crossing Council at that point is a bit dicey. We took water with us, it was a warm afternoon, but things went well. It took the two of use 40 minutes to get to Promise House, but we were biking at a slower pace than I'm used to. Audrey does not shift gears and does not tool along in her fastest gear--she's in more like 10th gear rather than 15th.

No big deal, I did enjoy riding with her, which we don't often do. I think this was our first ride together this summer.

On the way home, we took advantage of the fact that the route just happens to pass by Dairy Queen in Hiawatha. I hope that doesn't negate the health benefits of the ride.

Anyway, maybe Audrey and I will do a few more joint bike rides this summer. I doubt I'll persuade her to commute to Mount Mercy, like I do (and did that morning), but the ride was fun.

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