Tuesday, June 13, 2017

In Which the Milkweed are Ready to Bloom

Morning ride to MMU campus--took longer trail route by Cedar Lake. Milkweed starting to bloom, above, and native tiger Lily, too, below.

I rode about 39 miles today—5 in the morning going to the gym and climbing the Bowman Woods Hill, 6 taking the longer trail route to MMU and then the rest in an early evening ride.

It was a humid, hot summer day—pretty good for RAGBRAI training, although I didn’t ride in the hottest part of the day.

Mostly, I was impressed at how summery the ride seemed here a week before actual summer begins. I looked, but didn’t see any Monarch butterflies, but Milkweed is getting ready to bloom. Along Cedar Lake, native Iowa tiger lilies are opening.

The Cedar River Trail south of the Lion Bridge was sort of open—mostly cleaned off, the temporary flood control removed. They may still close the trail during the day as they finish the project, but tonight you could ride the old trail. I headed from campus to the edge of town, turning back at the last city park in Cedar Rapids.

Crossing Bridge of Lions around 8:15 p.m., above, trial south of bridge was open, newly cleared of temporary flood control dike, below.

It was 9:30 by the time I got home. Fireflies were blinking on, frogs were singing in ponds along the way, and it was still warm, but not quite so hot anymore. Grass has dried out, young trees are looking thirsty and new peonies planted outside Basile Hall at MMU are dying in the dry heat.

Rain! I know you wouldn’t be good for RAGBRAI training, but I’ll make that sacrifice, if you’ll come around.

Anyway, due to other commitments I could not really do as many miles as I hoped, but 39 is respectable. Hoping I manage to get more, one of these warm, pre-summer June days.

Late day trail images. View looking northwest along trail at last city park in Cedar Rapids, my turnaround point, partly because it was getting dark. Turned on lights for return trip. Ball fields lit up along trail as time nears 9 p.m. and Final image is Cedar Lake just after 9--and after sun has gone down.

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