Thursday, February 23, 2017

In Which, Despite More Health Woes, Biking Continues

Cedar Lake earlier this week. Spring temps sadly are leaving us for a while, but before the Thursday rain and Friday chill, it was a good week to be a biker.

The knee is a bit better this week—still sore, but not really painful.

I’ll still have to start PT and see how things develop, but I’m feeling better and more hopeful about RAGBRAI.

Still, my slow deterioration into the physical problems that bedevil my younger sisters continues. I am becoming Cate. I had a nerve test on my left arm this week at Mercy Medical Center, a test that involved electric shocks and then needles.

It was probably not as unpleasant as that makes it sound, but it wasn’t exactly pleasant, either.

Anyway, where does the left arm pain and numbness come from? The nerve doctor said it’s carpal tunnel syndrome.

Cool, misty Wednesday morning. Sun coming up on C Avenue at Dry Creek (above) and at Collins Road along F Avenue (below).

Oh well. I’m clearly not young anymore. Unless I plan to live to 116, I suppose calling myself middle-aged is a bit of a stretch. I am not exactly old yet—but what is a biker at age 58? If one between childhood and teen years is a tween, am I, between the middle and the end game, a twenior?

Whatever. Didn’t bike today—cold rain in the afternoon. But I have been biking this week.

Related to that—an old B52 song. I misheard the lyrics (surprise, surprise) for many years, and though it could be a biking song because I thought the chorus was “roll if you want to.” Well, I suppose roaming is something bikers do, too. Happy biking and roam if you want to—maybe on two wheels! 

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