Sunday, December 25, 2016

In Which Winter Break Has A Biking Day

C Avenue. Rode sidewalk north to 74th Street. It was cleared most of the way, but at one small section I walked the bike.

Snow and ice—there has been a lot of it this winter already. Luckily, last week there were a few sunny days in a row, and by Thursday it seemed possible to take a bike ride.

I chose Clarence for the wider tyres, plus I planned to take my grandson on a short ride first. He was OK with the idea, but glad to be home. After that, around 3 or so, I took off solo.

Cedar River Trail, above, is pretty well cleared. At Cedar Lake, note how sun in clouds has "echo," sun dogs that you get sometimes in winter. Tiny partial rainbows from ice in the air. I associate those with really, really cold days--but this day it was around 30 or so. Not all that cold for winter. Maybe much colder up where the clouds are.

It was cool, but gloves and a jacket were OK, with no long johns required. I rode the Cedar River Trail down to Cedar Lake, enjoyed the geese crowding a small patch of open water, and returned home as light was failing.

I guess that counts as two rides, one short, one longer—so two rides in the past week.

It rained today, Christmas, and I don’t know if it will freeze overnight. It will be a few days at least before I can venture forth on a bicycle again.

Geese on Cedar Lake. The one nearest seemed like a guard or scout--kept his eyes on me and approached to check me out. No goose attacks, thankfully.

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