Saturday, November 12, 2016

In Which I Ride A Crisp 20 Miles

Rode 20 miles on a crisp fall Saturday on this bike today.

Hey Google Maps. How are you doing? I guess I can’t blame you—after all, I’ve been there before.

Three of my grandchildren were taking part in a hockey camp today at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena, and my daughter invited me to come watch them (and sit with the granddaughter in the same family who is too young for the camp).

According to Google maps, the ice arena is 40 minutes by bicycle from my house. I glanced at the map it suggested for the route. Among other things, it called for me to cross the Cedar River on Third Avenue and continue to a cross street that would lead to the Ice Arena.

Except that south of the river, Third Avenue becomes a one-way headed north. I am not willing to ride a bicycle the wrong way on a one-way street, so I had to turn off the map route. Google said I would ride 7 miles to get where I was going, but I ended up going closer to 9.

It’s easy to get a bit lost on a bicycle in an unfamiliar part of town, and the area south of the river is mostly uncharted territory for me. I did get to the Ice Arena, although I was a bit late.

Still, it was fun seeing the kids trying to play hockey. Not that I’m better on the ice (I tried it once and decided I won’t ever again, or at least not without padding and a helmet).

I had to leave shortly after 1 to go to Mount Mercy University to meet a student to show him how to shoot basketball photos. Between the Ice Arena, MMU, and a 2-mile trip to and from the gym, it turned out I rode 20 miles today, which I only know because I rode my “fun” bike, Argent, that has a computer on it. Clarence could have handled the miles, but the distance would have only been a guess!

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