Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In Which Our Biker Hero Rides Off Into the Sunset

Sun sinking to horizon seen at Cedar Lake. Appreciate it, I took my mittens off just so you could see this, too.
Well, not really, because: A) I am not a real hero, I just play one on my blog and B) I was riding north, and I think west is by definition where the sun spends her nights.

But, I was leaving campus around 5 p.m. It was cool, in the 20s, and it had been a bit of a grey, cool, dreary afternoon. While the morning ride was nice and bright and sunny, midday treks across campus were sad affairs.

As luck would have it, the cloud cover was breaking at sunset. Well it would, wouldn’t it? In Iowa, if you want it cold at night, it’s best for it to be clear.

But wait, there is more! Same sun and same lake, but a few minute later at a different spot.
Old Sol sure is purty, ain't she?

Anyway, despite the chill, I enjoyed the evening sky, so I did the extra miles to loop down by Cedar Lake, an asset that I hope this city can enhance and preserve.

A bit of open water at lake's north end, as there often is. In other years, eagles have crowded this open patch of water. Not so far this year--but geese and ducks sure like it.
Final look at the pretty evening as light fades. I'm heading north, having left the lake behind. This is a trail bridge--is it near J Avenue? Or is J where the park is? I forget, anyway a trail bridge near some street. And a sun. And some lights from traffic.
I still have had no eagle sightings, but as you can see, it was nonetheless a very pretty evening to be riding a bicycle on the Cedar River Trail.

Feb. 11 Update: A groovy member of the Joe Correction League (my sisters) points out that the bridge is at 29th Street, while the Park With A Name Nobody Remembers is at J Avenue. She's right, so shout out to Cate, today's winner of the JCL Badge of Honor. It made me think of this song, which of course, is about the 59th Street Bridge, but still explains how the Cedar River Trail and the 29th Street Bridge makes a biker feel:

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